The Rising Queen Podcast

The Podcast For The Woman Who Is Ready To Rise & Become A Magnet For Her Most Majestic & Mind-Blowing Life!


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Welcome To The Rising Queen Podcast!

My name is Sabrina and I am the CEO of the Boss Queen Dynasty. I am divinely delighted and beyond excited for you to discover a whole new way of doing all things business and life!

The Rising Queen Podcast is your weekly dose of loving ass-kicking as well as real honest truths about what it takes to create a business and life on your terms.

Whether you are a female online entrepreneur or a woman who knows deep down she was born for more, this podcast is your permission to be, do and have it all!

You see, I am absolutely obsessed with teaching women how to stop settling for mediocrity and start manifesting the extra-ordinary.

This podcast is for the woman, who is ready to rise into her true potential, claim her inherent powers and be reminded that she has infinite possibilities at her hand to turn her life into the most magnificent and mind-blowing life ever!

Because remember, you are already a majestic Queen!

You were never meant to lower your standards and settle for second-best.

Neither did you come here, to fight for survival or struggle your way through a mediocre, “pretty good” kinda experience of life.

You most definitely were never meant to go round and round in circles, trying to courageously prove your worth over and over again, just to find you are still seeking validation of `finally being good enough` (and all the other things) externally!

You came here to remember, that you are an incredibly powerful manifestation queen who was born to shine and deserves to be, do and have it all, on her own terms.

Save those words somewhere where you can read them every day: Success is already your birthright and you can indeed live a life in complete & undivided authenticity, alignment and abundance! 

It is time to be become unapologetically obsessed with becoming a magnet for your most magnificent fuck-yes life!



CEO of the Boss Queen Dynasty & Abundance Queen Alchemist! 

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