You know you’re excellent at your craft, an expert in your own rights, have earned your stripes already and all you want to do is be a change agent for the world, to share your message and impact those that are ready to hear it!

You’re a badass at heart and not afraid to put in the hard work yet you seem to take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to creating your online badass empire!

You’re stuck at serving your clients 1-1 and are depending on your next clients to come in yet deep down you know that through showing up daily, sharing your message, adding value to your tribe and creating amazing offers (that get kick ass transformations) you could create so much more impact whilst actually living your dream life!

Don’t you think it’s time to stop struggling financially and to finally focus all your attention on doing the things you love doing and being rewarded for having fun in your business in massive ways, beyond just the financial freedom but gain ultimate fulfillment on a souls level?

Truth Bomb:

What if I was to tell you that you could create a badass empire simply by being you, showing up daily and sharing your message in a way that calls in your ideal tribe clients?

I see so many badass entrepreneurs have such a huge passion for wanting to help other people yet fight the uphill battle of trying to survive financially or are earning great money yet are totally time poor, or both, leaving you somehow exhausted, empty, unfulfilled and tired!

I’ve decided to create a high-vibed-badass mentorship program, working with you individually to help badass hustler like yourself to have the confidence to dominate and create life of fun, freedom and unlimited funds. It’s about time you and I sat down and by revealing the ins and outs of my business, we will get super fucking crystal clear on the path you’ve got to take to create and run your own badass empire earning you a very decent multiple 6 figure paycheck (and beyond).

I’m seriously so pumped about this program, because I’m pouring in everything I know about badass empire creation, from overcoming the cashflow struggle to create a badass business that allows you to be a Badass Freedom-Preneur in style!

This program is designed to teach you the ins and outs of turning your purpose into an automated and never-stop-growing paycheck, all done from a place of alignment, fun and freedom.

You will get access to a series of pre-recorded trainings as well as receive laser coaching sessions & unlimited voice message support (via WhatsApp), teaching you all the strategies and mindset tools you need to have an unfuckwithable mindset when it comes to showing up online and becoming a badass leader queen impacting the world with your message!

I’m honestly so excited and can’t wait to show you how you can indeed have it all, by giving yourself permission to unleash your authentic badass voice, getting paid shitloads of money for being you and be(come) ruthless about designing your own business & life!

As I said, this program is me lifting the curtains to give you the inside scoop into my business success, what’s worked for me and my other badass clients, aka the perfect mix of biz strategies as well as the success mindset magic, giving you your own BADASS BUSINESS BLUEPRINT, including, key empire creation strategies such as:


How to take your purpose and turn it into daily authentic automated money-making message sharing!


How to market yourself in an authentic way, gaining expert status and speaking directly to your soul mate clients & cultivating your badass tribe!


How to make money, lots of it, by learning everything you need about speaking up & speaking with confidence including how to sell from FB lives, even designing your own program ( or product suite) if you don’t have one already!


  • Are ready to stop fluffing around and just wanting to get it done!
  • Are tired of the merry-go-round and feeling confused about what actions to take that will actually deliver results that pay off in big ways!
  • Are hungry for more impact knowing that money is a byproduct of your impact aka you showing up and being a change agent!
  • Are stuck in the feeling of smallness, hiding behind your fears and lack of confidence and self-belief!
  • Are committed to becoming the best version and creating a life on their own terms! #nofuckgiven



  • If you’re simply not 100% committed to making it happen!
  • If you’d rather dabble instead of choosing to dominate!
  • If you’re looking for a magic pill solution without being ready to do what it truly takes!
  • If you’re not ready to invest in yourself and wanting to reap the rewards aka 10x your results!
  • If you’re not coachable nor willing to have a childlike curiosity, aka are ready to have a truckload of fun creating extraordinary results!

      In other words, if you prefer to do it the hard yards, wanting to continue to chase your own tail instead of learning the tool & strategies to monetize your purpose and automate your ever-growing income levels, you might want to stop reading here!


    • How to determine EXACTLY what it is you want in life, and how to manifest it, fast and from a place of ease & flow!
    • How to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION by turning it into a big-ass paycheck, whilst being really clear on your true purpose
    • Using JOURNALING as a daily exercise to bring your dream life into reality NOW.
    • The DAILY MINDSET PRACTICE that will have you fired up and ready for massive amount of aligned hustle
    • How to GROW & CULTIVATE A TRIBE that loves you and want to buy from you
    • A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY that will produce massive visibility and get you cultivate badass authority status as well as call in your soul mate clients!
    • CREATING your first (or next) OFFER and how this ties in with your business model
    • SALES FUNNEL CREATION, leveraging into automated income
    • How to create a LAUNCH STRATEGY that works and allow you the room to be you and not stick to strict “rules” and “should”
    • Daily activities, aka the exact mindset, message , market and money work to bring even MORE awareness to you and your brand
    • and more …

    In other words, in 12 weeks together we will move your biz and life from dabbling to dominating and showing you what it’s like having it all, on your terms!


    Here’s What You’ll Be Getting …

    12 weeks of either video, audio or written content, with action tasks every week.

    Weekly Laser Coaching Success Session With Me Personally 

    24/7 unlimited WhatsApp messenger support.

    Mindset Success Coaching & Training to help you cultivate a bulletproof success mindset.

    Bonus if you pay the course in full: receive a personal goal mapping and strategy session tailored to your business needs and personal desires.

    Here’s What You’ll Be Getting …

    12 weeks of either video, audio or written content, with action tasks every week.

    Weekly 1-1 biz success coaching session with me personally (via zoom).

    24/7 unlimited Facebook messenger support.

    Mindset Success Coaching & Training to help you cultivate a bulletproof success mindset.

    Strategy Training tailored to exactly your business needs and goals.

    You have to join us if you’re ready to:


    Check Out What Others Are Saying:

    Stop Wasting Time – Start Taking Action

    Seriously, don’t waste any more time doing things that don’t pay off, and stop nor fluffing around for the sake of being busy when you and I know you’re ready to shine brighter than ever before!

    I’ve been in your shoes! I’ve walked the walk and am ready to share my talk with you! It’s taken me years to get where I am today and know in my heart it won’t take you as long! If only I knew back then what I know now, right!

    But the good news is I’m ready to share what I’ve learned over the years by investing in mentors, coaches, programs and of course the mistakes I’ve made, but mostly I’ll be sharing with you who you need to become in order to create and dominate your own badass empire!

    If you’re serious about dominated biz and life like a true Badass Queen, then let’s chat about how this would look like exactly for you!

    All you need to do is jump and take a leap of faith, knowing that I’ve got your back and won’t rest until you made at least your investment back in this program, providing you’re going to meet me half way and step up to the plate!

    Who Is Sabrina Muller?

    I’m an author and speaker who is passionate about helping you be(come) crazy sexy confident by being completely comfortable with who you are as a woman!

    Success Is Not About How Much You Do, But About Who You Are!

    People most love me for my no-fluff-kick-up-the-butt approach and even describe me as “Raw Love” because I’m fearless and fierce in the pursuit of showing you how you can have it all, on your terms once you give yourself permission to be it all! Fiercely authentic with #nofuckgiven!

    I’m here to create a revolution of women who are ready to feel the fear and do it anyway, who are ready to claim their spot at the top and become crazy sexy confident when it comes to creating success on their terms!

    After all confidence is the new sexy!

    Simply put:

    A tribe of hot badass hustlers who just fucking own it and create their ultimate success on their terms!

    Are You Ready To Create Success On Your Own Terms By Cultivating The Right Amount of Confidence!